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Camel Fabrica Acrylic Colours

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Color: Flesh Tint-128

  • Flesh Tint-128
  • Magenta-251
  • Burnt Siennq-031
  • Light Violet-242
  • Vandyke Brown-446
  • Ultramarine blue-436
  • Lemon Yellow-236
  • Olive Green-281
  • Crimson-062
  • Golden Yellow-173
  • Bamboo-024
  • Turquoise Blue-425
  • Mauve-255
  • Marron-253
  • Yellow Ochre-492
  • Light Blue-239
  • Purple-356
  • Pink-341
  • White-478
  • Ceralean Blue-071
  • Deep Green-108
  • Scarlet-393
  • Brilliant Purple-023
  • Chrome Yellow-084
  • Leaf Green-233
  • Pale Emerald-298
  • Light Green-240
  • Vermilion-449
  • Prussian Blue-351
  • Sap Green-391
  • Gray-180
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Vibrant and Colorful :- Acrylic paints are more robust, radiant, and versatile than traditional acrylics. The different colors let you experiment with various artistic styles and create truly unique art.

Washable and Non-Toxic :- Cleaning up after your work's done is made easy. Since these paints are washable, you can safely use them whenever you want.

Multiple Surfaces :- Best on fabrics, canvas, earthenware, wood and other surfaces.

Quick Dry :- The easy, no-frills formula of the acrylic colour paint means it can be dried quickly, with no need for a separate medium. The product is ready-to-use and can be applied directly from the bottle.

No medium required :- The no-frills formula of these acrylic color for painting enables you to apply the paint directly from the bottle without the need of any medium.

iron on reverse after 24 hours for fixation

Wash gently after 72 hours

Test for suitability on synthetics.

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